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“My Precious”

Hiding in the shadows of dense Filipino forest – the Aeta of the animal kingdom – a petite, palm-sized primate clings to a branch with padded fingers. The platypus of the Philippines, – shy, elusive, unassuming – with a halo … Continue reading

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Down on the Farm

The sky was clear, with no hint of rain, and a beautiful breeze across the paddocks all day – perfect weather for a picnic… Last weekend, a small group from the Social Welfare Committee of the Asian Development Bank Spouses Association … Continue reading

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A World of Fruit

‘It is not only the taste, or the freshness, but especially the memories, the beliefs, the associations – the whole cultural package – that makes the fruit more than food.”   So says the late, great Doreen Fernandez,  food writer and … Continue reading

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