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Where is home?

Home is a place to live: a place of retreat, rest, comfort, refuge. It can be the house or the town or the country in which we grew up or feel we belong. Some cultures include nomadic people whose homes … Continue reading

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A Not-So Gracious Tea

“Its orient tinge, like spring-time morn, Or baby-buttercups newly-born; Its balmy perfume, delicate pulp, One longs to swallow it all at a gulp, Sure man had ne’er such gifts or theme As your melt-in-mouthy Devonshire cream.” An eulogy on a … Continue reading

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As our teenage sons baulk at the various house rules we attempt to enforce, I grapple with the idea of them emerging into a world without parental control, and I often find myself contemplating the parenting of today compared with … Continue reading

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A Special Anniversary Dinner

I really enjoy cooking, but I prefer it if the recipes are relatively simple and there is room to manoeuvre: ‘oops, I don’t have zucchini, what else is in the fridge?’ that sort of thing.  And I really enjoy eating … Continue reading

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Driving: More Fun in the Philippines!

Recently we have started teaching our older son to drive. In Manila. I haven’t actively dissuaded him from learning to drive, but nor have I actively encouraged him. There are so few safe places to get him used to driving a … Continue reading

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Israeli Cuisine: Exotic Simplicity

Down a narrow residential street behind Rockwell is an exciting new restaurant, Atelier 317. Opened in November 2012 it is the brainchild of local chef and newly-wed, Stephanie Zubiri-Crespi. The menu is a wonderful potpourri of all her travels and … Continue reading

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To Taal with TourFlair

Taal: not just a volcano and a lake, but also a UNESCO heritage town in Calabarzon, overlooking Balayan Bay, about two hours south of Manila. Recently, I went on a fascinating expedition to Taal with food safari TourFlair. The drive … Continue reading

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