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Pomelo, Prawns and Peppercorns

I have adored Thai food since we landed in Bangkok in the early 90s. Fresh, flirty and brimming with flavour, it has long been a favoured Asian cuisine globally. People’s Palace has been our family’s favourite restaurant since we landed … Continue reading

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Mad About Malls

Bill Bryson once wrote “Where once we created civilizations, now we create shopping malls.” Nowhere is this more apparent than in Metro Manila, where new shopping malls seem to pop up daily, and like the Once-ler they ‘are figuring on … Continue reading

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Greek Cuisine: Perfect Simplicity

The mere mention of Greece conjures up images of small fishing boats on sapphire blue sea, golden sand, bright, white, flat-topped houses baking in the red hot sun, and luscious displays of fruit and vegetables on quayside market stalls: a … Continue reading

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Manila: City of Contrasts

An oxymoron is something that consists of incongruous, disparate or contradictory elements. For me, the word oxymoron describes Manila perfectly. And the first jarring disparity struck me almost the minute I stepped off the plane at Ninoy Aquino International Airport: … Continue reading

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