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Christmas Cards: Setting the Mood

Then its zippity jingle and dash away pingHang holly and berries in all the hallsThe tassels on all the thermostats andWrite merry Christmas on all of the walls…~ from Eloise at Christmas Time by Kay Thompson One upon a time, … Continue reading

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The Pinkification of the Rainbow

  Have you been into a toy shop lately? You should. Walk into any toy shop and check it out. One end will be full of Lego and action figures and guns and games. The other end will be pink. … Continue reading

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Love at First Bite

[As published in ANZA News this month] A cliché is defined as a hackneyed, trite or commonplace phrase.  As in: New York New York, so nice they named it twice I HEART NY The Big Apple Love at First Sight … Continue reading

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