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A Summer Picnic on the Loire

Take the adventure, heed the call, now ere the irrevocable moment passes! ‘Tis but a banging of the door behind you, a blithesome step forward, and you are out of the old life and into the new! Then some day, … Continue reading

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Of White Port, Peacocks and Pimientos de Padrón…

‘If I were to write about the happiest days of my life, many of them would have to do with food and wine and a table full of friends.’ ~ Charles Simic, poet Luxembourg had eight hours of sunlight in … Continue reading

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Under the Arches

At any time of year, my favourite slice of Luxembourg City is along the Alzette River: in autumn, as the trees drip leaves, the sky drips puddles and the river swells; in winter, when the water stampedes over the weir … Continue reading

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Snapshots of Scotland

It must be thirty years since I last visited Scotland, land of lochs, Highland cattle and kilts. It was a Christmas with friends on the Isle of Skye that ended in tears when we were unceremoniously evicted on New Year’s … Continue reading

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Layers of London

I have been mooching around London this week, while the One & Only is fully occupied being busy and important in the City.  I have wandered for hours, past Monopoly board properties – Fenchurch Street Station, Fleet Street, Piccadilly and … Continue reading

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Tasting the Adelaide Hills

It was a long summer in South Autralia, during which there have been so many wonderful meals with family and friends , and so many fabulous winery visits, that I would undoubtedly sound like a glutton and an alcoholic were … Continue reading

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At the flick of a boarding pass I find myself touching down in midwinter, after months of summer sunshine on the flipside of the world… No more rainbow lorikeets squabbling fiercely, garrulously, in the dense and fertile treetops. Instead a … Continue reading

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A journey around my birthplace

“…the pleasure we derive from journeys is perhaps more dependent on the mindset with which we travel than on the destination we travel to…” Alain de Botton I am currently reading a book by Xavier de Maistre called ‘A Journey … Continue reading

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Beaufort and Beyond

It was my last weekend in Luxembourg before flying south for the winter. I was leaving my One & Only to face alone all that bleak midwinter, at least until he joined me in Australia at Christmas, so we decided … Continue reading

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Vines with a View

Don’t you love those rare days that drift on and on, and seem to stretch like elastic? No rush, no master plan, just endless time. This close to Christmas, such a possibility seems highly unlikely, but three wonderful days in … Continue reading

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