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“Que Sera Sera”

My sister told me a sweet story recently about her five year old daughter, who came to her parents one evening and asked what they wanted most in the world. My brother-in-law replied that he most wanted his family to … Continue reading

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How’s the Weather with You?

So here I am, settled back in the Philippines at last, after almost three months away. I left at the end of the Filipino summer, worn down to a cranky crisp by the heat and humidity, swearing never to return. … Continue reading

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Corner Tree Café : vegetarian favourites

Jupiter Street is thriving. It is the place to go in Manila to find quirky, one-off restaurants, and take a breather from those ubiquitous chains. Corner Tree Café is one such idiosyncratic eating place: a cheerful little nook between N. … Continue reading

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Secret Balut Business

Balut is a Filipino street food; a hard-boiled duck egg containing an almost fully developed embryo. Back in Australia for the holidays, I was sent on a mission to find balut. Filipino migrants must crave a taste of home from … Continue reading

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A Taste of Abruzzo

So let’s begin with a short geography lesson. Abruzzo is a wild and woolly region half way down Italy’s booted leg. It straddles the Apennine mountains east of Rome and west of the Adriatic. Largely industrial, it also has a … Continue reading

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