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Secret Balut Business

Balut is a Filipino street food; a hard-boiled duck egg containing an almost fully developed embryo. Back in Australia for the holidays, I was sent on a mission to find balut. Filipino migrants must crave a taste of home from … Continue reading

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Aussie Pies at Legazpi

In Manila we quickly become familiar with myriad street stalls and market stalls selling cheap, popular, take-away snacks to passers-by. Those of real notoriety include grilled chicken intestines on a stick, known tastefully as IUDs; grilled chickens feet, nicknamed Nikes, … Continue reading

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Pass the Sawsawan Please

Does anyone remember the movie “When Harry Met Sally”? A quirky, 1980s romantic comedy, it was about the antagonism between two people evolving into acceptance, then friendship and ~ finally ~ love.  Now hold onto that thought. Whenever I think … Continue reading

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