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A night sky bereft of light,stars shrouded in cloud.A pulsing, whispering, whoosh that might bewild winds whipping through the trees,nor waves crashing on the beach.Sounds louder – and closer – in the heavy, scented darknessthan they will be in daylight.Monotonous … Continue reading

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On the Duver

The invisible, invincible, bullying wind tears round the masts of pint-sized sailing boats and whistles through the wires. It buffets the screeching seagulls, tossing them through the sky like drunken dodgem cars. Moorhens bob between the boats, paddling with grim … Continue reading

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twilight by the creek

a naked hillside burns to rusty red in the last rays of the autumn sun that is melting like apricot sorbet behind the hills in a blanket-soft, blue sky smudged with candyfloss cloud the raucous shrieks of stocky cockatoos tear … Continue reading

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Sunday Morning on the Broads

            A lazy long weekend, a boat, a bag of snacks, and hot, hot sun. Marbled water strung with pearly bubbles. Branches dipping low to sip at the rippled wake from passing boats. Boat houses, … Continue reading

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“There is Hell Waiting Here”*

The sandstone Sphynx bares its chest like a beacon above Anzac Cove. Bleak, grey, weeping seas, diluted with the blood of thousands, Johnnies and Mehmets both. No beaches worth their salt, nowhere to land, the King’s young allies culled by … Continue reading

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